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Property Lawyers in Bay Islands, Honduras

Bay Islands, Honduras Property Lawyers

Property law is best understood as the complex of jural relationships between and between persons with respect to things. It is the sum of rights and duties, privileges and no-rights, powers and liabilities, disabilities and immunities that exist with respect to things. What distinguishes property law from all other jural relationships, then, is that the jural relationships of property law deal with things Property law, sometimes known as real estate law, deals also with transactions related to residential and commercial property and covers specialist areas such as property finance, mortgage lending or social housing and the personal Property Law takes all legal aspects of buying or selling personal or residential property. Property lawyers deal with domestic or
international clients who wish to buy or sell property in Honduran territory.

Our main services regarding property law:

Transfer of land

In Honduras there are several formalities in order to conclude a change of ownership over a property, we provide the notarial services needed to grant the deed related to the transfer and advice about the tax related to the operation and the registration of the document.

Disputes over land

There are several procedures that need to be taken to court to validate certain property rights, such as a vindication of property, limits and divisor lines, claims related to vices related to a property that has been recently purchase, adjudication of a property occupied by prescription and several others that need to be review and process by a lawyer.


From drafting the rental agreement in accordance to Honduran law to conflict resolution matters we have extensive experience in this kind of legal relationship.


There are legal, voluntary and natural easements in accordance with Honduran Civil law, must of these procedures need the assistance of a notary that is provided by our firm and also on some occasions could be necessary to hold a court procedure when there is controversy about
the nature of the easement.


We advise and prepare the documentation needed for your mortgage’s procedures, represent
our clients in case there is a financial institution involved in the matters. Also we deal with
“private” mortgages that take place between natural persons without the involvement of a
financial institution.