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Mike Anderson – Biography

Mike Anderson was born in Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., in 1988, completing his higher studies at the Technological University of Honduras in 2014 and graduating from the Postgraduate Course in Business Law at the Central American Technological University in 2021. He worked for five (5) years in the Secretary of State in the Labor and Social Security Offices, where he acquired solid knowledge in Labor Law, becoming Director of the Legal Services Unit carrying out activities of; legal opinions, written
and verbal legal opinions, representing the Secretary of Labor in trials in Labor and Administrative Courts of First Instance, defense hearings, assisting the Secretary in matters of bidding, review, analysis and drafting of regulations, defending the Secretary in the Civil Service Council for disciplinary processes, representation and conciliation in labor disputes, among other processes in labor matters, managing to win several lawsuits for the Institution. Developing soft skills like; organization, teamwork, responsibility, attention to detail and analysis, to achieve objectives, and provide legal solutions to conflicts that arise in a timely manner. H also have different diplomas and courses in public and private labor matters, and has been a member of Corporatio Lex since 2022.