Notary and Notarization Services in Honduras, Bay Islands, Tegulcigapa, & San Pedro Sula


Notary and Notarization Services in Honduras and bay islands

Notary Public and Services In Honduras

In Honduras, the Bay Islands, San Pedro Sula, Tegulcigapa and  Notary services operate differently than in other countries. Notary service providers in Honduras are qualified attorneys that have completed the appropriate Notary examinations issued by the Supreme Court Magistrates of Honduras. In Honduras, the most prestigious title a lawyer can hold is Notary.

All Honduras Notary services are fulfilled by Honduran attorneys that are certified by the Supreme Court and who are in good standing, and who have shown extensive knowledge of Honduran law. Our Honduran Notary services authorize the modification, creation, extinction, or resolution of acts, transmission, contracts, and non-contentious matters.

Our Honduran notary services at Corporatiolex can authenticate signatures or copies of documents that are intended to be used in Honduras. However, if said documents are to be used in foreign countries, it must go through the Honduran apostille authentication process conducted by the Secretary of Foreign Relations located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

When using documents in Honduras that were issued by a foreign country, the document must first be authenticated or have an apostille from the origin country it was issued by. This stipulation will depend on whether or not the document’s origin country is a part of the Hague Convention or not.

At Corporatio lex we handle the following non-contentious affairs but are not limited to:

  • The authentication of copies and signatures.

  • Wills and trusts

  • Sales and lease real estate contracts in Honduras

  • Power of attorney

  • The incorporation and constitution of business

  • Commercial contracts

  • Civil contracts

  • Honduran civil marriage

  • Cease of community

  • Ad-perpetuam

  • Arbitration and conciliation

  • Correction of civil records

  • Divorce

  • Family estates

  • The execution of guarantee in secured transactions

  • Issuance of certificates

  • Partition of property

  • Transfer of property to others

  • Transfer of property to minors

  • Voluntary emancipation

At Corporatiolex, we offer efficient Honduran public notary services conducted to the highest legal standard.

Corporate Agreements and Actions – Bay Islands, San Pedro Sula, and Tegulcigapa

U.S. and foreign corporations interested in pursuing business opportunities in Roatan, Honduras, or the bay islands can be assured that the attorneys with notary services at Corporatiolex can help them authenticate and organize the appropriate documents needed for operation, compliance, and contract agreements between the government or other corporate entities.

As well as drafting and negotiating contracts, we also offer notarization services for business contracts, agreements, and actions. A document or contract that has been notarized is a secure way to sign for the document.

Legal binding agreements, contracts, and documents require the signatures of both parties, which acknowledge that both parties agree to what they are signing for. These legally binding documents serve as an agreement between the two parties where specific actions or required or prohibited by one or more parties.

Our public notary lawyers at Corportiolex can help with the drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts, as well as notarize any corporate agreements or actions.

Honduran Public Affidavits Attorneys

Honduran public affidavits are sworn statements of fact that can be utilized in various legal proceedings. Affidavits in Honduras are written statements voluntarily made by an affiant (the person making the statement) under oath that are administered by an authorized notary public.

Honduran affidavits are commonly used in court proceedings, divorce, wills, authorizing the power of attorney, applying for loans, and more. Our affidavit lawyers at Corporatiolex can create affidavits for legal use.

We offer affidavits for:

  • Court affidavits

  • Self-proving affidavits

  • Affidavit of power of attorney

  • Affidavit of a lost document

  • Financial Affidavit

  • Affidavit of identity theft

Certificates of Authenticity of Copies and Signatures in Honduras, Bay Islands, and Tegulcigapa

Authentication and Apostille certificates confirm the validity of the signature and seals of a public notary on a document so that it may be accepted and recognized by a foreign country.

Apostilles are implemented when documents need to be transferred or used in other countries that are a part of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Authentication certificates are used when documents need to be transferred or used in other countries that are not a part of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Documents that typically require authentication for use in foreign countries include:

  • Affidavits

  • Deeds of assignment

  • Agreements

  • Home study

  • Certificates of good standing

  • Power of attorney

  • Trademarks

  • Diplomas 

  • Income verification 

If you need assistance authenticating document copies or signatures, contact the Rotan Lawyers of Corporatiolex today to help you with all of your authentication questions and concerns. 

Marriages and Mutual Agreement Divorces

Documents of marriage and divorce are considered public documents and need to be notarized in order to be acknowledged by Honduran bodies. Marriages and mutual divorce documents must be copied, then certified by the appropriate issuing department or agency.

If you are looking for assistance in preparing marriage or mutual agreement divorce documents, contact the Honduran lawyers at Corporatiolex to help prepare and file your documents with the correct Honduran governing bodies. Avoid future problems and save money by using a skilled Roatan, Honduras public notary service that will ensure your documents comply and approved for international authorities.

Notarization of Wills in Honduras

Wills and inheritance operate differently in Honduras compared to other countries. Inheritance laws impact every property owner in Honduras. Inheritance matters are handled by the Honduran civil court and typically take a few years to complete.

We can notarize and verify inheritance documents in order to streamline and prepare you for the inheritance process.

Ad Perpetuam Information

Our Ad Perpetuam lawyers at Corpioratiolex can handle any matters regarding the approval or rectification of legal or public documents in Honduras. Ad Perptuam aims to rectify or prove data within documents of a person in judicial or non-contentious processes.

This information typically pertains to documents such as marriage, birth, and death certificates or any other documents that may contain errors of names or spelling errors.