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Specialized Foreign Services in The Bay Islands, Roatan, and Honduras

The Bay Island, Honduras immigration attorneys at Corporatio Lex handle Immigration Services to Honduras, as well as Property Acquisitions and Sales and Corporation Acquisition and Sales within Roatan and the Bay islands. Our foreign services attorneys can also assist foreigners in obtaining the proper Honduran licensing, permitting, tax advising, and audits prior to conducting business operations in Roatan, Honduras, and the Bay Islands.

Whether you are pursuing business expansion, establishment, or sending employees to Honduras, our Immigration lawyers are here to help. We partner with businesses of all sizes to create immigration strategies that yield excellent results in our clients’ best interests.

We also provide foreign and immigration services to those that are not residents of Honduras but are pursuing real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax advising strategies, and any other business matters in Honduras or the Bay Islands.

Although many of our clients need legal services that pertain to conducting business within Honduras as a foreigner, we also provide legal assistance to those seeking to apply for immigration or naturalization and those that are attempting to establish residency in Honduras.

Typically, residency in Honduras allows for more flexibility and freedom to work, invest, and live. The process of establishing residency in Honduras is extensive and requires various pieces of identification, documentation, and personal information. We can ensure that you meet all the requirements before applying for residency to streamline the process.

There are several options for foreign nationals seeking to travel to Honduras for work or business. Contact the immigration and foreign service attorneys at Corporatio lex, to help understand and weigh your options.

Immigration services

If you are planning on immigrating to Honduras or the Bay Islands or need assistance immigrating to another country, our immigration lawyers can assist you. Regardless of immigration or naturalization, there is extensive paperwork to file and process that needs to be completed to align with Honduran Law.

Aside from helping with immigration matters, we will also help you understand the laws of the countries you wish to migrate to, including the laws of Honduras. Every client is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure successful immigration in a timely manner.

Our foreign services and immigration attorneys can also help you address concerns regarding Visas, Consular Visas, Honduran Special stay permits, Honduran work visas, and visa exemptions.

Property Acquisitions and Sales as a Foreign National

Our Firm specializes in all legal matters pertaining to your properties and real estate, be these immovable or movable property. Whether you are a foreigner looking to purchase Roatan real estate or property within the Bay Islands, we can work with you to ensure that your transaction documents, contracts, title insurance policies, and other relevant real estate documents are accurately completed and filled.

We offer comprehensive services to accommodate all your purchases and sales of immovable property or real estate, such as due diligence reports on the history of the property, mediation and representation in negotiations leading up to the sale, drafting of the notarized Bill of Sale, registry of the Bill of Sale before the Property Institute, and guidance on tax payments.

Additionally, we offer supplementary services for property owners such as petitions of surveys and plats, registry of improvements on the property, registry of easements and liens, registry of rectification of property measurements, registry of individualization of property, registry of lot consolidation, cadastral certificate petitions, land disputes resolution, and the such.

Moreover, we also provide legal services and guidance related to property donations to family members and third parties, estate planning, and other property-related services.

Are you thinking about buying property in Roatan and the Bay islands? Contact us today to answer all your questions and concerns regarding purchasing real estate in Honduras.

Roatan Sales or Purchase Counseling and Strategy

Purchasing or selling properties or assets in Honduras requires a methodical, strategic approach to maximize financial outcomes. The laws, processes, and regulations surrounding the purchase and sale of property or other tangible assets differ substantially from that of the United States or other countries.

For example, there are limitations on the amount of property a foreign national can purchase, but these limitations can be circumvented with our corporate attorneys at Corporatio lex. We can craft and strategize the best approach for your real estate transactions in Roatan, Honduras.

Our corporate law attorneys understand the complexities of Honduran business and corporate law. Because of our years of experience in litigation and application of the law, we can consult our clients on the best possible courses of action when considering large sales or purchases in Roatan, Honduras, and the Bay Islands.

Corporation Acquisitions and Sales

In Rotan, Honduras, and the bay islands, mergers and acquisitions are a component of corporate law regarding the companies that are purchasing or merging with other companies. We assist our clients in the financing of mergers and acquisitions as well as the negotiation, drafting, and formation of contracts.

Our corporate attorneys can help identify potential legal issues or areas of concern when considering a merger or acquisition.

With years of experience working with Honduran law and courtrooms to bring about favorable outcomes for our clients in business, we understand the importance of finer details. Regarding mergers and acquisitions in Honduras, we consult with our clients to craft the best approach that yields the greatest return.

Tax Advising and Petitions

Honduras imposes personal and corporate income tax on its residents that earn an income within Honduras. Honduran personal and corporate income tax also applies to non-residents of Honduras. The Honduran government also imposes a sales, capital gains, and land transfer tax.

The imposition of tax in Honduras follows the Principle of Territorial Income, meaning that individuals and entities are obligated to pay taxes on earnings within and originating from Honduras.

Honduras is composed of varying sizes of municipalities that impose their own municipal tax on individuals and entities conducting or residing within the municipality. Each municipality is unique in its own regard, offering differing tax incentives and calculations of its taxes.

Navigating the tax code within Honduras can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the subject. However, our tax advisor attorneys at Corporatiolex can help you determine your tax obligations, build strategies to reduce tax burdens, and take advantage of the tax incentives in Honduras, Roatan, and the Bay Islands.

Licensing and Permitting

To conduct business in Honduras, the proper licensing and permits are required before operation. Different licenses and permits are required depending on the type of business and the location of business operations. For example, businesses that regularly take part in imports or exports may need a specific license to do so. The company’s size will also determine the licenses required to operate legally within Honduras.

There are specific licensing requirements for those that want to practice professional services such as law, engineering, medicine, and accounting in Honduras. The professional associations that govern the regulation and licensing of professional services in Honduras heavily regulate the licensing of foreigners to practice their professional services.

When it comes to obtaining the proper permits and licenses in Honduras, Roatan, or the Bay Islands, our attorneys at Corporatio lex can help address any concerns or questions you might have about the necessary licensing and permitting requirements, given your circumstances.

Due Diligence

Legal audits and due diligence reviews are essential before significant transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, or consolidations. A due diligence review in Honduras aims to uncover information about a business to ensure that an investment or purchase is beneficial. The due diligence review seeks to identify potential issues and essential facts regarding the business.

Due diligence is frequently divided into three subcategories:

  • Business due diligence
  • Intellectual property due diligence
  • Accounting due diligence

Legal due diligence is an essential component of making informed business decisions. Our attorneys are well versed in conducting due diligence across multiple industries, helping our clients make the best, most strategic business decisions possible. Contact us today to get started.

Legal Audits

Legal audits can uncover legal issues that an organization has overlooked or has been unaware of. Like a due diligence review, an internal audit can reveal corporate governance vulnerabilities and other contracts, insurance, and employment vulnerabilities.

A periodic internal legal audit of your organization ensures that your operations and legal affairs comply. Any problems uncovered during the audit can be resolved before causing issues in the future.

The results and recommendations of our in-depth legal audits are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Our Rotan legal audit attorneys understand the inner workings of legal audits and compliance rules. We know where most businesses struggle with compliance and governance structures and have the remedies to resolve them.


In Honduras, the (Dirección de Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia) DINAF is responsible for the policies and procedures surrounding adoption. Our attorneys can guide you in adoption in Honduras without going through an adoption agency. Also known as independent or private adoption, we educate our clients on Honduras’s adoption process, procedures, and requirements.

Our attorneys at Corporatiolex can help guide you through the adoption process regardless of your circumstances.