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The legal firm exclusively dedicated to providing all the legal services associated with the creation and succesful operation of your business. We counsel and execute all processes from incorporating your business, to permitting, labor relations, tax setup, property  and all regulatory and compliance with Honduran law.

Practice Areas

Conflict Resolution and Litigation

 We strive  towards alternative peaceful resolutions to disagreements or disputes by mediating between parties in a collaborative way outside the traditional court system.  Nevertheless, we have ample experience and a very high success rate in defending our clients rights in a court of law. Our areas of experience include: 

  • Civil and Mercantile litigation
  • Labor and Employment
  • Disputes against Goverment proceedings

Business and Corporate Law

We take care of all your business needs in Honduras, from incorporating your company, to setting up your permits and licences, taxing and accounting, employment contracts and everything related to the management and representation in the country in order to comply with minimum annual requirements  instated by the law. 

Goverment Proceedings

Goverment proceedings in Honduras can be complex and time consuming which is why through our vast experience and know how in the field we take that burdeon off of you,  by facilitating and easing the petition process, follow up and completion of all the State requirements needed for your legal operations in the country.

We also handle specialized petitions and matters such as energy and renewable energy, enviromental issues, health and safety regulations, and copyright law.

Specialized Foreigner Services

Corporatio Lex handles Immigration Services to Honduras, as well as Property Acquisitions and Sales and Corporation Acquisition and Sales.

We also assist with Licensing, Permitting, Tax Advising and Audits. 

Public Notary Services

Corporatio Lex handles public Notary services in Honduras including Public Affidavits, Certificates of Authenticity of copies and signatures, corporate agreement and actions, and more.

Property Law

Coporatio Lex has vast experience in dealing with transactions related to residential and commercial property. Additionally, we have experience handling specialized property law matters including property finance, mortgage lending, and social housing.

What our Client’s Say:

“The lawyers at Corporatio Lex were extremely professional and organized. They really cared about our case and made sure to build a relationship with us and now we consult with them for all of our business needs. Highly Recommended. “

Don S.

Business Owner, 8/14/22

“Navigating business laws in Honduras became very simplified with the help of our friends at Corlex. They helped us with contracts, getting properly prepared and protected. Thank you for helping our business get the job done. “

Julie Rosen


Experience where it counts

We are an experienced Litigation Team serving Honduras in a wide range of business and corporate legal contracts and disputes.